We Give You a Clear Vision of Your Entire Operation

We help industrial facilities around the world run more smoothly and consistently, without delays or surprises. With the invaluable data and actionable insights we deliver, you can reduce expensive unplanned downtime and waste — while identifying potential savings and process improvements. Your people stay safe and productive. And your business becomes more efficient and sustainable. That’s Facility Wellness. Only from SiteWorx Software.

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We Take a People-Centric Approach

We focus on your most important resource first — people, keeping them productive and protected under all conditions. We empower them to work smarter, make better decisions, identify bottlenecks, and maximize uptime. After all, a smarter workplace for your people means new efficiency for your business.

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Know More, Do More

Our SiteWorx solution and smart devices can meter your utilities, monitor diverse equipment and processes, and observe critical areas — putting information and insights at your fingertips, right out of the box. Now you can make informed decisions, spot potential problems, and take immediate action.

Thousands of Customers Rely on Us

We work with facilities that manufacture everything from yogurt to tractors. We help facility personnel uncover the hidden issues that lower efficiency, raise costs, and trigger unplanned downtime. Overheating machinery. Bottlenecks. Accidents waiting to happen. Wasted electricity, water, gas, and other utility services. Quick to install and intuitive to use, our SiteWorx solution delivers detailed data and new insights — helping any facility operate more safely and efficiently, under all conditions.

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