Facility Wellness is the core promise of SiteWorx Software. So, it’s clear that improving and optimizing facilities is our focus and our passion. We help you take your operation from what it is today to what it can be — more efficient and automated, as well as safer and more sustainable.

Bringing New Efficiency to Facilities

Our solutions enable continuous monitoring of your entire facility and all activity in it, identifying process inefficiencies and bottlenecks. We help minimize production downtime and delays by uncovering potential issues before they become actual problems. And we help keep critical equipment in top shape by monitoring its status and enabling proactive maintenance.

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Creating a Safe, Sustainable Workplace

With careful, constant monitoring of your facility, our solutions provide a steady flow of insights that help you use resources wisely and more sustainably. We help you lower electrical energy consumption and reduce wasted water, compressed air, gas, and other valuable resources. And continuous monitoring of environmental conditions helps ensure the health and safety of all facility personnel.

Find out how Facility Wellness helps thousands of facilities raise efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

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