Committed, talented people are the most important resource of any business. We help keep them productive and safe with careful, continuous monitoring of equipment and environmental conditions. Managers can help optimize efficiency and improve conditions by knowing more about a facility. After all, a smarter facility is a better, safer, more desirable workplace for everyone — line workers, facility managers, executives, visitors, and other personnel.

Giving More Control to Facility Personnel

SiteWorx solutions empower facility managers to work smarter and make better decisions. We deliver data and clear, actionable insights to the right people — right out of the box. With these insights, facility managers can identify bottlenecks and potential delays, reduce waste of resources, and maximize uptime. All quickly and easily, from one intuitive dashboard.

Facility workers wearing hard hats and safety vests walking across facility floor

Ensuring Comfort and Safety of Workers

Our solutions contribute to worker comfort and safety by monitoring workplace conditions, including sound intensity, air particle counts, volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature, and more. Our intelligent LED lighting keeps key areas appropriately lit and safe, as well as efficient. Advanced, intuitive lighting controls let people adjust the lighting to suit their immediate needs. Occupancy awareness keeps people safe by identifying crowding and other problematic conditions, enabling social distancing and strict hygiene.

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