With Facility Wellness as your goal, our SiteWorx® Facility Insights solution is the path that takes you there. Our suite of SiteWorx applications and an array of smart devices can meter your utilities, monitor your entire facility, and observe critical areas. SiteWorx starts delivering meaningful data and actionable insights right out of the box. Now you can make data-informed decisions, spot hidden problems, and take immediate action. All while keeping your people safe and productive and your operation efficient and sustainable.

SiteWorx applications — including SiteWorx Sense, SiteWorx Area, and SiteWorx Tune — can be installed quickly and easily, used with minimal training, and updated automatically. Advanced sensors and other devices gather critical data from key equipment and critical zones. Our easy-to-use dashboard lets you monitor your entire facility automatically, constantly — and remotely.

SiteWorx applications start by gathering meaningful data

SiteWorx applications use a combination of intelligent lighting and smart devices to create a wireless mesh network throughout your facility, enabling secure, wireless communication of a wide range of facility data — including data on equipment operation, environmental conditions, occupancy, and more. Our portfolio of SiteWorx applications lets you choose what and where you meter, monitor, and observe — putting key data and new operational insights in the hands of facility managers, sustainability officers, production line managers, and other key personnel.



Explore the SiteWorx applications

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SiteWorx Sense

Meter and monitor equipment, utility services, sensory data, and environmental conditions

SiteWorx Sense

Meter and monitor almost anything, everywhere, always

SiteWorx Sense is an advanced facility, utility, and process monitoring and management application that starts delivering results immediately. It brings new efficiency and significant improvements to your production processes, utility service management, equipment maintenance, and much more. Think of it as an on-site, digital version of a watchman, one with exceptional senses and the ability to be everywhere at once, all the time. In short, your facility’s sixth sense.

With SiteWorx Sense, you can meter and monitor:

Key equipment and processes

Monitor production and machine-level usage and performance. Spot changes in temperature, vibration, and more that can indicate malfunctioning machinery. Stop unplanned downtime before it happens with proactive maintenance. Avoid costly repairs and quality control issues.

Resource consumption

Meter energy consumption, wastewater flow, gas and steam usage, and more to manage your valuable resources better—and achieve sustainability goals. Identify wasted utility services and reduce costs.

Environmental conditions

Monitor conditions within your facility, automatically and continually, to ensure safety and proper operation. Verify temperature, relative humidity, air quality, decibel levels and other variables to ensure adherence to environmental health and safety standards. Get alerts of abnormal conditions so managers can take action.

SiteWorx Sense delivers a wide range of benefits

When you add SiteWorx Sense to your facility, you can:

  • Improve and optimize processes
    Raising performance and avoiding unplanned downtime.
  • Manage utility services smarter
    Reducing waste, cutting costs, and increasing sustainability.
  • Keep your work environment safe
    Creating a comfortable, high-productivity facility
  • Know your facility better
    Making data-driven decisions and significant improvements.


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SiteWorx Area

Observe occupancy and activity throughout your facility in real-time

SiteWorx Area

Observe occupancy and activity in real-time

SiteWorx Area uses integrated occupancy sensors to take a closer look at critical areas of your facility—or your entire facility. SiteWorx Area delivers detailed, anonymous occupancy data that can spot areas of high congestion, a potential health issue. It helps you optimize your facility floorplan by understanding the flow of equipment, goods, or people. And it can help you track key assets, including people, equipment, and goods.

With SiteWorx Area, you can monitor and observe:


View historical occupancy patterns for your site on an intuitive heatmap. Monitor occupancy changes over time to understand the operating rhythm of your facility.

Critical spaces and zones

Know exactly how and when these spaces are being used.

Asset location

For safety and efficiency, get a persistent record of where people, equipment, and goods are, where they have been, and for how long, within designated geo-fenced areas.


SiteWorx Area delivers a wide range of benefits

When you add SiteWorx Area to your facility, you can:

  • Use valuable space smarter
    Maximize efficiency and optimize spaces within your facility by knowing specifically how each space is used.
  • Ensure safety
    Keep employees from congregating too closely during health crises, and monitor access to unauthorized areas.
  • Manage more efficiently
    Track assets and know when they move in and out of rooms, work cells, or buildings. New insights help you sustain a high-functioning operation—and keep your facility safe.


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SiteWorx Tune

Optimize your lighting and reduce energy use

SiteWorx Tune

Optimize lighting and reduce energy use

SiteWorx Tune is an intelligent lighting control application that uses smart sensors and advanced cloud-based software to maximize energy savings, improve productivity, and maintain safe, comfortable light levels. It brings new control and savings to your lighting infrastructure. With SiteWorx Tune, you can stay informed of energy use and savings via the SiteWorx Tune dashboard, which displays real-time energy usage and savings data.

SiteWorx Tune lets you customize and apply industry-leading lighting control strategies to your facility, including:

Task tuning

Customize and manage precise lighting parameters on individual fixtures or groups of fixtures easily, and remotely.

Daylight harvesting

Leverage your facility’s natural lighting by dimming luminaires when they automatically sense natural daylight — all while maintaining consistent light levels.

Scheduled and automatic setback

Raise energy savings even higher by applying a second level of dimming to groups of fixtures on a simple schedule, or when they don’t sense occupancy.

Coordinated control

Maximize safety and security for workers and create flexibility in lighting control by grouping fixtures together to work in unison based on a single occupancy trigger.

SiteWorx Tune delivers a wide range of benefits

When you add SiteWorx Tune to your facility, you can:

  • Save money
    Cut energy costs significantly by combining your third-party luminaires with SiteWorx powerful energy-saving tools.
  • Create a comfortable, productive environment
    Lighting is a critical contributor to the productivity, efficiency, and safety of any environment. With SiteWorx Tune, building managers and occupants get constant, convenient control. Including keypads that adjust lighting with the touch of a button.
  • Automate your lighting
    Ensure the right light, always, with built-in automation — and less effort from facilities personnel.
  • Meet your sustainability goals
    An accurate collection of lighting-related energy usage lets you validate savings for utility rebates and meet sustainability goals.
  • Achieve compliance
    Our lighting is code-compliant for safety and helps you comply with stringent energy use regulations.