We give you a clear view of your facility’s current status and activity level, helping you increase efficiency, cut costs — and achieve your business goals. Our SiteWorx® Facility Insights solution can meter, monitor, and observe almost any element of your operation, giving your people the data and insights they need to do their jobs effectively and safely under all conditions. And we help your facility meet its sustainability goals. That’s Facility Wellness. We help thousands of diverse industrial facilities — and the people working there — achieve it. Every shift, every day, year after year.

We Focus on People First

Running an industrial facility requires more than advanced systems and optimized processes. It relies on your most valuable resource — committed, talented people. But when other solution providers offer industrial-floor insights, they leave people out of the equation. At SiteWorx Software, we take a people-centric approach. Why? Because we believe that empowering people helps create a resource-efficient, high-productivity operation that runs smoothly and safely — and that’s ready for any challenge.

We Lead the Way to Greater Efficiency

Thousands of customers already rely on our intelligent LED luminaires and innovative lighting controls to boost efficiency and automation. But that’s the beginning of what we offer. Our SiteWorx Facility Insights solution and smart devices can leverage your lighting infrastructure as a cost-effective data acquisition platform. The result? We can deliver data and clear, actionable insights to the right people — floor personnel, not IT experts — right out of the box. So you can get results and value immediately.

We Bring New Clarity to Your Operations

No one knows your current facility like you do. But do you know what it could become in the near future? Facility Wellness helps take your operation from what it is today to what it can be. We enable you to move carefully and quickly:


From believing and assuming to knowing and acting

We use occupancy information to control lighting, air handling, conveying, and much more. Occupancy awareness can also help you keep your people safe, particularly during a time when they may need to practice social distancing and strict hygiene. And we provide a live view of what’s happening throughout your facility. So you’ll know that people are doing the right thing in the right place and that equipment is operating optimally at all times.


From reacting and recovering to anticipating and avoiding

Unplanned downtime hurts everyone. Now you can perform proactive maintenance that minimizes downtime.


From ad hoc estimating to accurate analyzing

Our more granular metering tells you exactly what resources specific lines, departments, and buildings are using. Better data helps you identify internal bottlenecks, as well as potential savings and performance improvements — and lets you charge customers accurately. No more guessing.

Worker Safety

From periodic checking to continuous monitoring

We help you move from hourly, monthly, or quarterly measurements to continuous monitoring, providing timely alerts and new insights — all with an auditable history. Now you can track the environmental health standards and workplace conditions (sound, particles, VOC, temperature, and more) that are crucial to your operation and your people.

Know More, Do More — with SiteWorx

Our flagship SiteWorx Facility Insights solution puts current (and historical) data at your fingertips. Meter key utilities and monitor processes and the environment with SiteWorx Sense. Observe critical zones and equipment with SiteWorx Area. Now facilities personnel can keep the workplace safe and productive, address issues before they happen, conserve limited resources, and keep operations running smoothly. And everyone can make more informed decisions.

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Smart Devices: Better Than Your Eyes and Ears

Our advanced sensors and beacons let you monitor, meter, and observe key machinery, processes, and workspaces within your facility. Used with your lighting infrastructure or alone, they give you a clear vision of your facility’s status, occupancy, activity and more. So you know what’s going on, everywhere, all the time.

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