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Continuum Global Solutions Announces Continuum Air Care

Dec 1, 2021  |  Share

Working towards a more healthy and safe employee environment

Continuum Global Solutions is a provider of omnichannel contact center services. With more than 17,000 global employees Continuum has placed a high priority on their employee’s health and well-being. Continuum Air Care is a solution in which they monitor the indoor climate at their locations and ensure a safe workplace. They continuously measure CO2 levels in their office spaces with sensors displaying measurements on a mobile dashboard and wallboard in the relevant room.

They have real-time insight into the air quality and can ventilate the room at the correct times if the measurement gives reason to do so. Good ventilation, the fourth basic measure from the government, is crucial to minimize the transmission of respiratory infections such as COVID-19. 

Although a large part of their employees works from home, with the help of the Continuum Air Care program, Continuum can also welcome back colleagues and guests safely and reliably at the office, and thus keep the door to their organization open.

In addition to CO2 levels, they monitor humidity, particulate matter, and temperature levels, allowing them to provide their employees with the optimal indoor climate to work in a healthy and pleasant environment.

Continuum Air Care is part of a broader program within Continuum Global Solutions in which they focus on the well-being and performance of their employees. Continuum Air Care will begin with a Proof of Concept at their Amersfoort, The Netherlands location, after which they will roll out this concept further at the beginning of 2022.

In the coming months, Continuum Air Care will be further enhanced with other facility insights solutions from Digital Lumens, a portfolio company of Skyview Capital, that optimize efficiency and savings in office and industrial environments.

About Continuum

With more than 17,000 employees, Continuum Global Solutions provides omnichannel contact center services worldwide via voice and non-voice channels such as chat, email, and social media.

In the Netherlands, Continuum has close to 1,000 employees responsible for delivering the ultimate customer experience, divided over three owned locations, one managed insourcing location, and home workplaces. In the context of COVID-19, almost 100% of work is carried out in a ‘Work From Home’ concept.

Continuum has a 100% focus on customer experience services in which the delivery of flexibility, high employee & customer satisfaction, and reduction of end-to-end costs are central to the organization.

For additional questions, please contact: Peter Brouwer, Senior Director, at peter.brouwer@continuumgbl.com