COVID-19 has and continues to create unprecedented challenges at home and at work. Keeping your critical facilities up and running and your employees safe during this pandemic — or any future challenge that comes along — requires extra vigilance and new strategies. Here’s how the SiteWorx solution can help your operation thrive during this difficult time of fewer resources and more stress.

Your People: Keeping All Employees Safe, Comfortable, and Protected


Creating a Clean Work Environment

During any viral outbreak, keeping your work environment safe requires more — and more vigilant — cleaning. SiteWorx applications provide facility use and occupancy insights that give cleaning crews the information they need to ensure that the facility is clean and safe at all times. Real-time occupancy insights can highlight high traffic areas to guide cleaning crews. A screen print of the occupancy heat map (per hour, shift, day, or another period) can serve as a checklist for all areas that need cleaning.

Aiding Anti-Viral Cleaning

SiteWorx applications can track the use of antiviral equipment (UV lights, additional air handling capabilities) to create and maintain a safe, comfortable work environment. It can also verify that if ozone is used to clean an area, it’s reaching all spaces that require cleaning, and that it’s gone before employees return.

Maintaining Social Distancing

SiteWorx applications can deliver occupancy insights that identify areas where employees are not maintaining proper social distancing, allowing managers to intervene where necessary.


Your Facility: Operating Efficiently and Ensuring High Quality


Keeping Efficiency and Quality High

The same advanced capabilities that help our SiteWorx solution maximize efficiency and maintain high quality during normal operating conditions become even more critical. Its metering and monitoring capabilities keep equipment operating smoothly, without unplanned downtime. Condition-based maintenance triggers can help identify issues (e.g., excess heat, humidity, or vibration) before they create problems or delays.

Monitoring and Managing Remotely

Restricted access and fewer resources mean that many managers are limiting their time-on-site and working remotely. With our SiteWorx solution, these managers stay informed at all times. It provides remote visibility to critical utility services and auditable real-time historical data. It can also detect unusual conditions and potential issues and send alarms to key managers — facility, maintenance, environmental health and safety, energy and sustainability, and others.

Making Maintenance Predictive

During cutbacks or dynamic schedules, many facilities are operating with fewer maintenance resources. Our SiteWorx solution enables preventative maintenance, reminding staff when air-handling filters and other elements need to be changed — helping crews stay ahead of maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Providing Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

At SiteWorx Software, we can help keep your facility operating efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively — all while ensuring that your employees are safe and comfortable. No matter what’s ahead, we’re ready to be your partner for peace of mind in uncertain times.