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Introducing the Lightelligence Port: Enabling Luminaires to Go Beyond Illumination

Feb 7, 2022  |  Share

Digital Lumens equips its intelligent LED luminaires with a smart port and modular IoT capabilities that deliver new insights — and evolve seamlessly for years to come

Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Luminaires are so well-designed and durable that they last for many years. To leverage new value and insights from them, year after year, Digital Lumens has announced that it is integrating the Lightelligence Port into its popular RLE and CLE luminaire families. This innovative, modular solution enables luminaires to go far beyond illumination by adding interchangeable Lightelligence Sensing and Communications Modules. These sensors gather critical information about a facility by metering key equipment, monitoring environmental conditions, tracking assets, and much more.

The Digital Lumens Lightelligence Port – Modular Intelligence for a future-proof future

Because the solution is modular, users can easily take advantage of new sensors and communication technologies as they become available while keeping their current luminaires in place. Adding a new module is as simple and convenient as screwing in a lightbulb.

Bringing the latest capabilities to long-lived luminaires

“The Lightelligence Port reflects a significant advance for our customers and the industry,” said Brian Bernstein, CEO of Digital Lumens, Inc. “Our intelligent LED luminaires already provide our customers with high quality, reliable illumination and maximum energy savings for many years. Now the Lightelligence Port future-proofs our luminaires, enabling our customers to take advantage of the latest sensing and communication technologies.”

Enabling facility-wide IoT capabilities — and key insights

The Lightelligence Port is built on Lightelligence, Digital Lumens’ core technology platform, which provides a robust array of advanced capabilities that keep intelligent luminaires and other critical solutions open, connected, and scalable — and easier to use, manage and evolve. Together, the Lightelligence Port and Lightelligence Sensing and Communication Modules serve as a complete, modular solution — one that uses a facility’s current lighting infrastructure to gather meaningful data and actionable insights.

Turning data into insights

Using the steady flow of data from the Lightelligence Port, facilities can take advantage of Digital Lumens’ full suite of SiteWorx Facility Insights applications to improve operational efficiency, keep employees safe, track valuable assets, reduce waste, and achieve sustainability targets. A wide range of industrial facilities, from warehouses to heavy manufacturing, already rely on the SiteWorx applications, including SiteWorx Tune, SiteWorx Sense, and SiteWorx Area. They use these powerful applications to achieve Facility Wellness, the ultimate goal of any industrial facility.

Offering flexible implementation options

The Lightelligence Port is now integrated as part of the Digital Lumens RLE and CLE luminaire families. In addition, the Lightelligence Port will be available later in 2022 as a standard-alone device. The LGT-SKT enables installation adjacent to intelligent luminaires or independently in a ceiling-mounted junction box.

Digital Lumens helps thousands of industrial facilities around the world operate at peak performance today — and be ready for the future. The innovations start with intelligent LED luminaires and advanced lighting controls, which provide great lighting and energy savings. The SiteWorx facility insights application suite and an array of smart devices help industrial customers know more and do more by metering utilities, monitoring their entire facility, and observing critical areas. These popular solutions deliver significant results and exceptional value right out of the box. And Digital Lumens continually explores and innovates, looking for breakthroughs that make facilities more efficient and sustainable — while keeping people safe and productive.