Cold storage facilities are busy—with people, fork trucks, and goods in constant motion. Running a lean business means understanding the operating rhythm of your facility and finding new ways of fine-tuning your operations and lowering energy use. There are significant opportunities for achieving new value and improving processes through through energy efficiency, racking plan optimization, streamlined traffic flows, monitoring of environmental conditions, and automation of manual tasks.

Make your cold storage facility more efficient

With SiteWorx, your cold storage facility becomes a source of accurate data and actionable insights. We empower your facility managers with insights and advanced controls that help reduce energy spend, mitigate risks to product quality, and streamline workflows—all while keeping workers safe.

Here are just some of the ways that we can help you improve and enhance your cold storage facility:

  • Reduce energy costs through advanced lighting control strategies, such as task tuning and progressive dimming.
  • Ensure and maintain product quality through constant environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity with real-time, auditable reports.
  • Avoid frozen pipes, leaks, and catastrophic events by monitoring environmental conditions and occupancy in less-frequented auxiliary spaces.
  • Sub-meter electricity to understand where and how utilities are being consumed by battery charging stations, air compressors, HVAC systems, and more.
  • Analyze travel patterns to optimize racking plans, streamline travel paths, and determine safe locations for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.