Industrial warehouses are in constant motion—with people, machinery, and goods constantly flowing into, out of, and all around your facility. Running a lean, efficient warehouse means understanding the operating rhythm and pace of your facility—and finding ways of fine-tuning processes and reducing energy use. We help warehouses of all varieties improve their operations and gain new value through energy efficiency, racking plan optimization, streamlined traffic flows, monitoring of environmental conditions, and automation of manual tasks.

Bring new insights and more control to your warehousing operation

We use occupancy information to control lighting, air handling, conveying, and much more. For example, occupancy awareness helps you keep your people safe, particularly during a time when they need to practice social distancing and strict hygiene. And we provide a live view of what’s happening throughout your facility. So you’ll know that people are doing the right thing in the right place, and that equipment is operating optimally at all times.

  • Reduce energy costs through advanced lighting control strategies such as task tuning, progressive dimming, and daylight harvesting.
  • Ensure and maintain product quality through constant environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity with real-time, auditable reports.
  • Easily monitor environmental conditions and occupancy in less-frequented auxiliary spaces for avoidance of frozen pipes, leaks, and other catastrophic events.
  • Eliminate unnecessary energy use by using occupancy-based load control to turn off fans and conveyors when no workers are present.
  • Gain predictive maintenance insights by monitoring temperature, vibration, and other variables on conveyors, air handlers, and air compressors.
  • Understand where and how utilities are being consumed by battery charging stations, air compressors, air handlers, and other equipment by sub-metering electricity and gas.
  • Optimize racking plans, streamline travel paths, and identify safe locations for pedestrian and vehicle traffic by analyzing travel patterns.