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OSRAM Improves Key Facilities with Digital Lumens Technology

Aug 20, 2020  |  Share

SiteWorx Area Provides a Clear Vision of Occupancy and Activity in Industrial and Commercial Facilities — Keeping Operations Efficient and Employees Safe

Munich, Germany. August 20, 2020 – OSRAM, a global leader in advanced lighting technology, announced today that it is enhancing key industrial and commercial facilities in Germany, Bulgaria, and the United States with SiteWorx Area from Digital Lumens, part of OSRAM Digital. SiteWorx Area observes high-traffic areas to identify overcrowding and other potential safety issues. It tracks assets and delivers an ongoing flow of detailed data to facility managers so they can take immediate action. And it helps employees maintain a safe distance from each other at all times.

Advanced capabilities for COVID-19 response and beyond
“We’re very excited about the capabilities that SiteWorx Area and our other innovations bring to our customers,” says Wilhelm Nehring, CEO of OSRAM Digital. “The ability to track assets and count people has become even more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic when we have to do whatever we can to keep people safe at work. By leveraging the lighting infrastructure to deliver new insights and value, we can understand occupancy better — and keep employees safe.”

By taking a close, ongoing look at occupancy and activity, OSRAM and other manufacturers can show regulatory groups that they are taking positive action, give employees confidence that their workplace is safe — and increase efficiency and safety throughout their operations.

Delivering value by tracking people and assets
SiteWorx Area meets a wide range of needs within OSRAM’s industrial and commercial facilities.

• In Herbrechtingen, Germany, SiteWorx Area tracks goods as they travel between work cells — giving managers clear visibility into their location.

• A implementation in Hillsborough, New Hampshire (US) tracks vehicle traffic patterns and locations, counts workers in specific areas, and tracks high-value tools to ensure that they stay within the right work area.

• At a Plovdiv, Bulgaria manufacturing center, SiteWorx Area tracks the number of people active in common spaces, providing alerts of potentially dangerous congestion and congregation. And it delivers actionable insights that help facility managers more manage and schedule the safe flow of employees during breaks and shift changes — critical times when groups of employees interact.

• A commercial office in Boston, Massachusetts (US) relies on SiteWorx Area’s people-counting capabilities to limit occupancy, to track individuals for contact tracing, and to track key assets.

These are just some of the OSRAM facilities using SiteWorx Area to raise efficiency and support safe operations.

SiteWorx Area provides a clear view of critical areas
The latest application from the popular Digital Lumens SiteWorx portfolio uses comprehensive sensor coverage to create a live view of activities within a facility. Unlike more complicated solutions, SiteWorx Area can leverage any facility’s lighting infrastructure to serve as a low-cost, high-efficiency data-collection network. It delivers facility and enterprise-wide insights right out of the box, providing the quick results that industrial facilities need — particularly when combatting an urgent health threat.

Part of OSRAM’s commitment to employee safety
OSRAM’s implementation of SiteWorx Area is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to maintain a very low incidence of viral infection at its global industrial facilities — while continuing to provide exceptional service and support to its customers. With SiteWorx Area, OSRAM can enhance the overall safety, productivity, and security of any facility during the ongoing pandemic — and in the future.