Incentive and Rebate Programs for Commercial Lighting


Taking advantage of commercial lighting incentives or rebates that may be available in your state on new construction or retrofit projects can significantly offset the initial costs of a lighting project. Many states offer programs that provide attractive financial savings.

What is the difference between an Incentive and Rebate program?

A lighting incentive is a program offered by utility companies, state, and local governments that offset the costs of a lighting upgrade when energy-efficient lighting is installed.

A lighting rebate is a program that allows companies to save money on luminaires that meet certain energy efficiency criteria.

An LED lighting retrofit normally represents a somewhat significant up-front investment. With rebates, businesses can save money on the luminaires used in the upgrade.

With incentives, businesses can save big on upfront costs, as the overall cost of the project.

Rebates and incentives for upgrading lighting and lighting controls to new, energy-efficient platforms are typically offered through your utility company. Also, rebates and incentives are available directly by the federal, state, and/or local government.

The United States Department of Energy has sponsored programs that make it more realistic for end-users to switch to new lighting platforms. The end goal is to make a noticeable reduction in the country’s total energy use.

For business owners, these rebates and incentives represent a huge opportunity. Designed to dramatically lower the need for big up-front investments, these programs can help you keep your cash in your business.

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency® has details for you to review the available incentive programs related to LED luminaires, lighting controls, and sensors in your area.

Digital Lumens offers LED lighting and networked lighting control solutions that may qualify for commercial lighting rebates in the categories mentioned below. Digital Lumens products that meet these categories can help you qualify for incentives that could substantially reduce your budget needs.

Available Incentive Categories:

  • LED Office Lighting
  • LED Highbay Lighting
  • Remote Mounted Occupancy Sensors
  • Daylight Harvesting Sensors
  • Occupancy Controlled Step-Dimming Systems
  • High Bay Occupancy Control Systems
  • Networked Lighting Management Systems

Digital Lumens is here to help

If you are considering a lighting upgrade for your business, Digital Lumens and our extensive North America partner network can help you navigate through the available programs in your area to take advantage of these incentives.

If you have any questions about an energy-efficient LED Lighting or LED Lighting Controls retrofit, or need help with rebates & incentives, please contact Digital Lumens today.