Pali Chooses Digital Lumens Intelligent LED System for Automotive Parts Distribution Centre


Customer: Pali
Energy Savings: 70% lighting-related
Location: Senai, Malaysia
Facility Size: 538,137 ft2
Environment: Distribution Centre
Solution: DLE intelligent High Bay LED luminaires with Lighting Control & Business Intelligence Software

Located in Senai, Malaysia, PALI Senai Sdn. Bhd. a property development subsidiary company that handles all phases of industrial real estate development revolving around planning, investing, designing, building, owning and operating real estate assets.

In 2015, planning and design kicked off for a new regional parts distribution centre for a leading automotive manufacturer, located near Senai Airport. For Pali, it was critical that the facility be equipped with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED lighting that would not only drive sustainability goals, but also introduce customizable lighting controls, software, and energy reporting that would allow for continued energy optimization over time.

Why Digital Lumens?

With those objectives in mind, the Intelligent Lighting System from Digital Lumens was the clear choice when considering solutions for the 538,137 ft2 facility. 478 DLE intelligent LED high-bay luminaires were deployed across facility storage and loading areas, which not only equipped the facility with the desired software-based lighting control system that could create massive energy efficiencies but, through the very same system, also instrumented the distribution centre to gather lighting-based building intelligence to create new, data-based operational insights through which to create further efficiencies.

DLE functionality also expands beyond lighting control and creates the opportunity to introduce battery backup and Digital Lumens’ award-winning Emergency Management Solution. While many traditional emergency lighting systems can require expensive, time consuming, manual testing and discrete record keeping, Digital Lumens’ automated life safety testing and reporting allows users to:

  • Schedule automated monthly and annual tests
  • Monitor system performance
  • Reliably document the health and status of the emergency lighting system to ensure code-compliant lighting and create simplified, easily-accessible records, all without interrupting operations.


With this integrated, Digital Lumens battery backup system, the distribution centre was equipped with a fully-unified intelligent lighting system that streamlines testing, ensures compliance, and helps maintain a safe working environment.

The Results

With DLEs in place, Pali applied Digital Lumens’ easy-to-use lighting control and business intelligence software to customize light settings across various spaces within the facility.


Lighting-Related Energy Savings
Occupancy-based settings, as well as profile-based task tuning, progressive dimming functionality, and daylight harvesting combined to lower lighting-based energy costs by more than 70% vs. “all-on” lighting alternatives.

765,041 Annual kWh Savings
Energy use verification and robust reporting functionality allowed the facility manager to effectively monitor electricity usage on a daily, weekly, monthly,and yearly basis, and identify energy trends and opportunities for further savings.

Beyond The Numbers

With Digital Lumens, bottom-line energy savings are often one of the most obvious benefits, but far from the only advantage provided by instrumenting your facility, site, or enterprise with an intelligent lighting system.

Efficient Implementation
Customized installation design that allowed for fewer overall luminaires vs. alternative lighting solutions, while ensuring long luminaire life and minimal maintenance.

Less Is More
Due to the low heat generated compared to many lighting alternatives, even when on, the facility didn’t need to upgrade their ventilation system.

Instrumented For Industrial IOT
Most important, the Digital Lumens system immediately instrumented the site with an expandable, customizable Industrial IoT solution that allows for fast, easy deployment of new, sensor-based applications that extend beyond lighting and deliver even greater facility insight.