The Global SiteWorx Savings Dashboard

Since the initial product developments in 2008, SiteWorx Software has been committed to generating energy savings that directly impact the environment — before sustainability was a widespread business objective. The proof? Our Global SiteWorx Savings Dashboard shows the measurable, continuous positive impact our SiteWorx Facility Insights solutions are making at our customer facilities worldwide.


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  • 341,371,097

  • $10,000,000

*savings calculated on global per kWh standard cost at 12.7 cents

kWh saved equivalents*

  • 100,000


  • 100,000

  • 100,000

*From the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Introduced in 2017, the Global SiteWorx Savings Dashboard shows the cumulative, real-time total savings and environmental impact of our LED lighting and advanced lighting controls. To make these energy savings more real, it translates them into equivalents — the metric tons of CO2 and N2O emissions saved, barrels of oil not consumed, and tree seedlings grown for a decade.