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SiteWorx Application Enhancements — Advanced Permissions

Jul 23, 2023  |  Share

SiteWorx Software announces a major new feature release for the SiteWorx® Application Suite. Advanced Permissions allow SiteWorx Administrators to customize the functionality and views available to each user.

A particularly useful feature for large Organizations with multiple Sites, Advanced Permissions enable delegation and restriction of admin management, Site and Group control, and viewer permissions. Now, Organization Admins can define specific permissions by User for each Site and even Group within a Site.

Advanced Permissions can be configured for a User in the Admin Panel after the User has signed up and been approved for access by an existing Admin. Configuration appears for Users who are not Org Admins (the Org Admin box must be unchecked).

User View in Admin Panel.

Admins can select from one of six predefined permission policies, giving a particular User the ability to be an Org Admin (Org Admin box checked; no permissions setup), a Site Admin, Operator, or Viewer; a Group Operator; or no permission for a Site (no Advanced Permissions setup). Users without permission for a Site will not be able to see the Site in SiteWorx.

Permission Policies.

Org Admins have full access to every Site in the Organization. Site Admins have Admin access to only the Site(s) defined; and similarly, Site Operators and Viewers have access to modify settings or view-only permissions for the Site(s) defined, respectively.

Define Policy by Site.

Group Operators have permission to view the Site containing the Group they can control, but can only control the Group defined.

Selection of a Specific Group the User can Control.

Permissions are defined by user for each Site (or Group), up to as many Sites (or Groups) as are present in the Organization. Only one User policy can be active per Site at a time.

Multiple Permission Policies Defined for a Single User.