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SiteWorx Application Enhancements — API

Jun 2, 2023  |  Share

SiteWorx Software announces a major new feature release for the SiteWorx® Application Suite. The API connection allows users to integrate SiteWorx with other business applications to leverage a constant stream of facility data for aggregation and review to increase business efficiency and operational transparency.

Endpoints now available enable external applications to access occupancy and energy data within SiteWorx, by Site and by Tag. The following endpoints are currently available:

  • Site List – retrieve a list of Sites within an organization
  • Site Interval Data – retrieve occupancy or energy data, by Site
  • Tag Interval Data – retrieve occupancy or energy data, by Tag
  • Site Daily Energy – retrieve the aggregate lighting energy usage between two dates

Using data provided by SiteWorx in conjunction with other building management systems gives facility managers and organizational leaders an unparalleled view of their operational resource consumption. The first step in controlling energy use is to understand how and where it’s employed, and SiteWorx applications provide the tools needed to cut energy waste.

More information on implementation of the API can be found in the SiteWorx Help Center article.