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SiteWorx Application Enhancements — February 2023

Feb 24, 2023  |  Share

SiteWorx Software announces application enhancements and a new feature for the SiteWorx® Application Suite. These usability improvements help SiteWorx Tune users more easily manage their lighting and stay better informed of site conditions by delivering faster access to data, controls, status indicators.

Enhancement: Software Responsiveness

Enterprise customers with very large SiteWorx Organizations (‘orgs’) and Sites will notice speed improvements to many pages throughout SiteWorx that have historically taken longer than desirable to load. We continue to work to make impactful usability improvements such as this one and and expect to report additional speed enhancements later this year.

New: Keypad LED Indicators

Customers using the SWN-KPD to enable lighting Scenes in SiteWorx Tune will now notice that the status indicator LED on the keypad button selected will illuminate when the corresponding Scene is activated and turn off when the scene is canceled, regardless of how the activation/cancellation occurs (whether from software or another keypad in the same group). LEDs will also respond to automatic Scene cancellations which occurs when another button on the same keypad (or keypad group) is pushed. This provides better indication to users about which Scene is currently active and more clearly demonstrates the need to push the same button again to cancel a Scene that’s currently active in order to return to normal operation and save more energy.

Keypad LED Indicators.