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SiteWorx Application Enhancements — February 2024

Feb 23, 2024  |  Share

SiteWorx Software announces application enhancements and a new feature release for the SiteWorx® Application Suite.

New: Variable Baseline Savings for Tags

SiteWorx Tags enable users to create custom energy and occupancy reports for one or more fixtures within a site. Baselines enable users to specify the wattage of the previous lighting system used to light a space, such as the same area that is now covered by the fixtures within a Tag.

SiteWorx uses the Baseline data, site energy cost (entered in the admin panel), and measured energy data to calculate the estimated system energy and electricity cost savings. Previously, only a single Baseline could be entered for a Tag, which prevented accurate long-term reporting when the number of fixtures used to light a space in SiteWorx changed.

To address this, we’ve introduced Variable Baseline capabilities to Tags, a feature users may be familiar with from the Site Baseline settings in the Admin panel. Now, when the fixture count changes, users can select a date and modify the Baseline up or down to enable accurate reporting.

Note that SiteWorx Tags can also be used for non-lighting nodes, such as Power Meters.

Enhancement: Backend Services

While users won’t “see” this change, they will experience it. We’ve made significant improvements to how data is stored in our backend database, and how it’s accessed and delivered to the SiteWorx front-end. The changes result in much faster page loading times, and are particularly evident for multi-site organizations.