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SiteWorx Application Enhancements — January 2024

Jan 17, 2024  |  Share

SiteWorx Software announces application enhancements and a new feature release for the SiteWorx® Application Suite. These improvements enhance network stability and security, expand API capabilities, and add support for third-party hardware sensors.

New: External Sensor Support

We’ve expanded our software portfolio to include support for third-party sensor technologies via our SWN-WIO-GP (WIO) hardware device. This feature is particularly useful for challenging environments where our existing PIR sensor technology cannot meet the requirements.

For example, microwave sensor technology is often used when background heat in a facility is near human body temperature, making it difficult for PIR sensors to detect only a small change in overall temperature within the space.

The WIO can now be considered a Tune node and appears in related occupancy reporting when connected to an occupancy sensor. The third-party sensor is wired to the WIO’s analog inputs using 0-10V dimming wire, then used to wirelessly control luminaires connected via our standard sensor portfolio using the Coordinated Control feature.

Enhancement: Gateway Status Reports

We’ve historically sent emails to a site contact when gateways go offline for a certain period of time. Now, users have the ability to subscribe to receive automated emails regarding gateway connectivity. Users can choose to receive emails periodically, or only when the gateway connectivity status changes for a site. To subscribe to Gateway Status Reports, a user should send a request to SiteWorxOps@siteworx.io.

Enhancement: API Improvements

The SiteWorx API now supports the aggregate_sensor_data endpoint for user queries, which returns sensor data aggregated over time for a given Data Source or Sensor.