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SiteWorx Application Enhancements — May 2023

May 16, 2023  |  Share

SiteWorx Software announces application enhancements and a new feature for the SiteWorx® Application Suite. These usability improvements help SiteWorx Tune users more easily manage their lighting and stay better informed of site conditions by delivering faster access to data, controls, status indicators.

Enhancement: Compact Mode

Based on feedback from users with large SiteWorx Organizations containing a number of Sites, we have added the option to hide Area thumbnails so users can more easily navigate between Sites to find the Area they want to access. This option is now available in the SiteWorx Tune Settings and Live pages, as well as the SiteWorx Area Heatmap page. This option improves navigation ease within SiteWorx for any user with access to a large number of Sites and/or Areas.

Before, with compact view disabled.

New view option, with compact view enabled.

Enhancement: Network Gateway Details

Based on feedback from reseller partners, we have added the ability to see gateway serial numbers in the network status panel within the Network page of the SiteWorx Admin Panel. This enhancement makes initial installation and future troubleshooting easier with site IT now that all parties involved can quickly reference the specific device in question at a glance.

Network Gateway Details.