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SiteWorx Application Enhancements — May 2024

May 27, 2024  |  Share

SiteWorx Software announces application enhancements and a new feature for the SiteWorx® Application Suite.

Enhancement: Third-Party Lighting Sensors

We recently added the capability to use third-party lighting control sensors, such as microwave sensors, using our SWN-WIO product. Since a key advantage of the SiteWorx Tune lighting control platform is its ease of use and intuitive design, we wanted to make it easy to see and control non-native sensors. Now WIOs with third-party lighting sensors connected will show on all maps, to include both the Settings and Live View pages.Third party sensors on a map

In addition, the Heatmap page calculations now include the occupancy detected by lighting sensors connected to WIOs, so users can understand occupancy trends and usage statistics more accurately for their facilities.

New: Tags for Devices

Users can now create Tags for devices such as Smart Cords and Power Meters for more granular reporting on non-lighting data sources. This support also allows users to export data from SiteWorx using the API, and by setting baselines for these non-lighting tags, make valuable energy usage comparisons.

Tags for Devices

Enhancement: Additional Power Meter Support

Additional third-party power meters are now supported. Contact your local representative for more information about current meter support or to request support for a new power meter.