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SiteWorx Software Employees Acquire Ownership and Control

Oct 23, 2023  |  Share

BOSTON – SiteWorx Software USA is excited to announce that a core group of employees have acquired majority ownership and operating control of the business after a successful restructuring by Guy Peckham’s investment group. The consolidated global organization will now be led by Rob Winchester as Chief Executive Officer and Connor Rouan, LC as Chief Operating Officer.

SiteWorx Software will now operate exclusively out of the United States, with the support of all existing employees around the world. End users and resellers will experience no noticeable changes as a result of the transition, and vendors will be contacted promptly if any information needs to be updated.

The new leadership brings years of direct contribution and operating experience to their positions, with Winchester having joined the business in 2011 and Rouan in 2015. They’ll be jointly responsible for the direction and operation of the company, with Winchester primarily focusing on R&D and Rouan on commercial operations.

Rob Winchester

Winchester has held senior software development and management roles since 1999 and is being promoted from his most recent position as Director of Software. He spent the first half of his career in digital imaging, then transitioned to developing LED lighting software in 2007. After leading the software teams at Color Kinetics and then Digital Lumens, the top leadership role at SiteWorx Software is a logical next step.

“I’m looking forward to refocusing on our core customers and core business. SiteWorx is an outstanding product,” said Winchester. “Meeting the challenge of identifying our customers’ needs and continuing to deliver a best-in-class solution will keep me highly motivated.”

Connor Rouan

Rouan began his career as an integrator while completing his education at Northeastern University, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Master of Science in Management. He made the transition to the manufacturer’s side just prior to graduation, working in the field as an Application Engineer with customers and resellers daily. Subsequent promotions to Director of Application Engineering and most recently, Director of Commercial Operations, will ensure a smooth transition based on recent overlapping responsibilities.

“Months of behind-the-scenes negotiations and hard work have finally brought us to this new beginning,” said Rouan. “We are prepared to establish and re-establish relationships with our historically extensive network of resellers and their customers, and deliver the products needed for them to reach their energy reduction targets. Together we can implement practical solutions to realize real environmental impact.”

SiteWorx Software will continue the approach of designing and producing sensor products compatible with a wide array of LED fixtures from different manufacturers. The flagship SiteWorx control and monitoring platform will continue to receive new feature updates and expand into new verticals beyond just the industrial market.

Longer term, the platform will support a wide range of standard Zigbee 3.0 sensor products to provide ultimate flexibility to end-users so that they aren’t tied to a specific fixture, sensor, or control platform. SiteWorx delivers industry-leading control and monitoring functionalities, and SiteWorx Software is excited to cement this reputation in the broader market.

About SiteWorx Software

SiteWorx Software helps thousands of facilities around the world reach their sustainability goals by monitoring and reducing energy and other resource consumption. Advanced lighting controls provide electricity savings beyond what just an LED fixture can attain, but also deliver operational data and create an expandable wireless network overhead. This enables the connection of an array of smart devices to help customers know more about their business by metering utilities and other loads, and monitoring critical infrastructure and spaces. All of this data is aggregated in SiteWorx, our industry leading, easy to use monitoring and control platform.

Connor Rouan
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