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SiteWorx Application Enhancements – April 2021

Apr 6, 2021  |  Share

Digital Lumens is announcing a new lighting control capability in SiteWorx Tune – Coordinated Control. Coordinated Control is a lighting control strategy that allows a user to select multiple luminaires to operate together in unison, based on a single luminaire detecting occupancy.   This allows for more flexibility in lighting behavior and maximizes safety and security for workers.

When combined with intelligent luminaires and Digital Lightelligence Agents (DLAs) from Digital Lumens, Coordinated Control is a reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective alternative to uncontrolled LED and fluorescent luminaires.

Coordinated Control of lights can be useful in a variety of environments:

  • In distribution settings, enhance forklift driver safety by illuminating an entire aisle of lights when a forklift enters the aisle.
  • In manufacturing environments, improve comfort and productivity by providing consistent light levels over work cells or bays in response to single occupancy events.
  • For machinery rooms, conference rooms, or other spaces, provide visual comfort and consistency for occupants by activating all the lights in that room when an occupancy sensor is triggered at the entrance of the room.

In addition to these applications, Coordinated Control supports the newest additions to the Digital Lumens lighting portfolio – the LX series.  The LX series of fixtures feature a value-optimized chassis design and provide unparalleled performance and reliability across a broad range of industrial and commercial applications.  Instead of an integrated occupancy sensor, the LX series of fixtures are equipped with an integrated wireless control module, that paired with an external Digital Lightelligence Agent (DLA), provides through coordinated control a simple “one-to-many” control strategy for grouped lights and DLAs.

Coordinated Control introduces even more ways to customize SiteWorx Tune to provide unparalleled control, flexibility, and energy savings while maximizing occupant comfort and safety, allowing you to control your lighting in a method that meets your facility’s unique needs and challenges.

Contact us to learn more about SiteWorx Tune and how you can implement customized, high-performing, multi-strategy networked lighting controls.