SiteWorx Area uses integrated occupancy sensors to take a closer look at critical areas of your facility—or your entire facility. SiteWorx Area delivers detailed, anonymous occupancy data that can spot areas of high congestion, a potential health issue. It helps you optimize your facility floorplan by understanding the flow of equipment, goods, or people. And it can help you track key assets, including people, equipment, and goods.

With SiteWorx Area, you can monitor and observe:


View historical occupancy patterns for your site on an intuitive heatmap. Monitor occupancy changes over time to understand the operating rhythm of your facility.

Critical spaces and zones

Know exactly how and when these spaces are being used.

Asset location

For safety and efficiency, get a persistent record of where people, equipment, and goods are, where they have been, and for how long, within designated geo-fenced areas.


SiteWorx Area delivers a wide range of benefits

When you add SiteWorx Area to your facility, you can:

  • Use valuable space smarter
    Maximize efficiency and optimize spaces within your facility by knowing specifically how each space is used.
  • Ensure safety
    Keep employees from congregating too closely during health crises, and monitor access to unauthorized areas.
  • Manage more efficiently
    Track assets and know when they move in and out of rooms, work cells, or buildings. New insights help you sustain a high-functioning operation—and keep your facility safe.