SiteWorx Sense is an advanced facility, utility, and process monitoring and management application that starts delivering results immediately. It brings new efficiency and significant improvements to your production processes, utility service management, equipment maintenance, and much more. Think of it as an on-site, digital version of a watchman, one with exceptional senses and the ability to be everywhere at once, all the time. In short, your facility’s sixth sense.

With SiteWorx Sense, you can meter and monitor:

Key equipment and processes

Monitor production and machine-level usage and performance. Spot changes in temperature, vibration, and more that can indicate malfunctioning machinery. Stop unplanned downtime before it happens with proactive maintenance. Avoid costly repairs and quality control issues.

Resource consumption

Meter energy consumption, wastewater flow, gas and steam usage, and more to manage your valuable resources better—and achieve sustainability goals. Identify wasted utility services and reduce costs.

Environmental conditions

Monitor conditions within your facility, automatically and continually, to ensure safety and proper operation. Verify temperature, relative humidity, air quality, decibel levels and other variables to ensure adherence to environmental health and safety standards. Get alerts of abnormal conditions so managers can take action.

SiteWorx Sense delivers a wide range of benefits

When you add SiteWorx Sense to your facility, you can:

  • Improve and optimize processes
    Raising performance and avoiding unplanned downtime.
  • Manage utility services smarter
    Reducing waste, cutting costs, and increasing sustainability.
  • Keep your work environment safe
    Creating a comfortable, high-productivity facility
  • Know your facility better
    Making data-driven decisions and significant improvements.