SiteWorx Tune is an intelligent lighting control application that uses smart sensors and advanced cloud-based software to maximize energy savings, improve productivity, and maintain safe, comfortable light levels. It brings new control and savings to your lighting infrastructure. With SiteWorx Tune, you can stay informed of energy use and savings via the SiteWorx Tune dashboard, which displays real-time energy usage and savings data.

SiteWorx Tune lets you customize and apply industry-leading lighting control strategies to your facility, including:

Task tuning

Customize and manage precise lighting parameters on individual fixtures or groups of fixtures easily, and remotely.

Daylight harvesting

Leverage your facility’s natural lighting by dimming luminaires when they automatically sense natural daylight — all while maintaining consistent light levels.

Scheduled and automatic setback

Raise energy savings even higher by applying a second level of dimming to groups of fixtures on a simple schedule, or when they don’t sense occupancy.

Coordinated control

Maximize safety and security for workers and create flexibility in lighting control by grouping fixtures together to work in unison based on a single occupancy trigger.

SiteWorx Tune delivers a wide range of benefits

When you add SiteWorx Tune to your facility, you can:

  • Save money
    Cut energy costs significantly by combining your third-party luminaires with SiteWorx powerful energy-saving tools.
  • Create a comfortable, productive environment
    Lighting is a critical contributor to the productivity, efficiency, and safety of any environment. With SiteWorx Tune, building managers and occupants get constant, convenient control. Including keypads that adjust lighting with the touch of a button.
  • Automate your lighting
    Ensure the right light, always, with built-in automation — and less effort from facilities personnel.
  • Meet your sustainability goals
    An accurate collection of lighting-related energy usage lets you validate savings for utility rebates and meet sustainability goals.
  • Achieve compliance
    Our lighting is code-compliant for safety and helps you comply with stringent energy use regulations.