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Zumtobel Group AG Acquires Rights to SiteWorx Platform in Europe

Dec 7, 2023  |  Share

BOSTON – Zumtobel Group AG reached an agreement with SiteWorx Software USA, LLC to acquire the exclusive rights to the SiteWorx platform in the European region. SiteWorx Software will continue to provide services to all existing end-user customers as of September 2023 via our network of Resellers. Any new end-user customers in the region seeking to use SiteWorx can purchase it through Zumtobel.

Resellers in the region can continue to purchase renewal subscriptions from SiteWorx Software for all existing sites. Resellers can also purchase new subscriptions from SiteWorx Software for new sites put in service by those customers who already used SiteWorx Software products prior to September 2023. Usage is established regardless of original Reseller or region.

This was a strategic repositioning of the European market only; SiteWorx Software plans to continue to operate directly in all other global markets as we do today. We’re excited to see the SiteWorx platform grow in the European region backed by such a reputable firm as Zumtobel.

About SiteWorx Software

SiteWorx Software helps thousands of facilities around the world reach their sustainability goals by monitoring and reducing energy and other resource consumption. Advanced lighting controls provide electricity savings beyond what just an LED fixture can attain, but also deliver operational data and create an expandable wireless network overhead. This enables the connection of an array of smart devices to help customers know more about their business by metering utilities and other loads, and monitoring critical infrastructure and spaces. All of this data is aggregated in SiteWorx, our industry leading, easy to use monitoring and control platform.

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