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Asset Tracking Tags

AREA-TAG is a small, wireless, versatile Bluetooth® beacon for Asset Tracking used in combination with SiteWorx® Area. Three distinct designs enable you to find, track, and count assets, products, and people.

Standard Tag – the best choice for tracking goods.

Rugged Tag – perfect for asset tracking in rough environments.

Badge Tag – the choice for employees, staff members, or visitors.


  • Enables SiteWorx Area application find, track, and count capability
  • AREA-TAG is easy to install and use. AREA-TAG will self-discover - just attach and start tracking
  • User-defined Area Tag names for easy identification in SiteWorx Area
  • Battery-powered with an average life of up to 5-years
  • Incorporates Lightelligence®, the Digital Lumens core technology that ensures openness, connectivity, scalability, and security


AREA-TAG Asset Tracking Smart Device Specification Sheet


Smart Devices