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SiteWorx Wireless Network Gateway

The SiteWorx Wireless Network Gateway 3 provides smart and simple access to the SiteWorx Application Suite, without the need for a server, enabling facility data for increased efficiency and energy savings.

The Wireless Network Gateway 3 is an ioXt Certified Product.


  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) device, eliminating the need for power service installation
  • An AC/DC power supply is available when PoE functionality is not available
  • Operates effectively in demanding commercial and industrial environments
  • Mounts to ceiling structures, walls, and suitable vertical surfaces
  • SiteWorx Wireless Network Gateway is an ioXt Certified Product
  • Incorporates Lightelligence®, the Digital Lumens core technology that ensures openness, connectivity, scalability, and security


DLGW3 Gateway 3 Specification Sheet



DLGW3 Gateway 3 Installation Instructions


Smart Devices